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Friday, August 27, 2004
Trying to get some straight answers...
I decided that today would be the day that I would call both my doctor and dentist to find out some test results. I had a toxoplamosis test and an x-ray done to see if I had a cavity in one of my teeth. So I called my home doctor first, because the results for the toxoplamosis test was suppose to go there (also the my surgeon, and the school). The doctor's office told me that they didn't have the results, and since I hadn't been there for a couple of years they didn't have a chart for me. If anything had come in, they would have sent it home. They also said that I would have to come in for an appointment, for the doctor to call the school and get my other results transferred over. Gee, that's not a waste of my time. I would also
have to make an additional appointment so that the results could be discussed with me. Since I had a feeling that the test would come back negative, there was no need for an appointment, what a dumb way to do things. I can see having to make an appointment if the results were positive, but why should I go in only for the doctor to tell me that the results are negative. I like Laurier way better, I can just call up and they tell me right over the phone. So in the end I told them that I didn't want to make an appointment incase the results were not even back yet, even
though the test was done on May 12th. She told me to call the labs and see if the results had been released yet. I didn't feel like calling the labs, so I called the school instead. They are always helpful there. They told me that they didn't have the results either, but would call the lab and find them out for me. The called me back shortly, and as it turns out they will only send the results to the doctor that ordered it, even though they told me that it would go everywhere. The good news is I am clean. :) I am still convinced that I had a nasty reaction to my medication for my stomach.

After all of this I still had to call my dentist. The receptionist there is really nice, and asked if our house was sold yet. (it's still not) The good news is that what they thought might be a cavity, was just build up between my teeth. So they are still perfect as usual. Well the one thing that I did find out was that when they told me that they would book me an appointment with the oral surgeon (to look at my wisdom teeth), they actually meant that I would have to do it. So I called the oral surgeon and booked my appointment. She threw me off guard, because she asked who my dentist was. The only reason I didn't remember his name, was that my old dentist sold his practice to another dentist (my new dentist), and I didn't even realize until he came in to see me that it was someone else. I was not told this ahead of time. Oh well. We figured it out, and I go in on the 20th of Sept. to see if my teeth have to come out. I really hope they don't do too much more damage then they already have... I can tell that my teeth are starting to move.

Oh well, at least now everything is sorted out. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2004
You know training is just like a really long boring class. I just finished
training on a program that I will be testing the new version of. We started
at 9:30am and went till 3:30pm. You know, it makes the day go by a lot
faster when you are in training then actually working. Why did class never
seem to make the day go by faster??

Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Fantastic News
I have such exciting news, and I didn't know who to tell, so I figured I would just send an email to my blog to talk about it here. I have been working on this project for the president of the company I am working for, and it is finally complete. Basically it takes documents and saves it in a database, then retrieves them for either editing or viewing. I know it doesn't sound too difficult, but I'm not working in any ordinary programming language, I am programming in a language written by the company. Anyway, my good news is that they are taking to a customer in a couple of weeks. :) Also they want to consider making it a default method to be installed with the program. It is exciting to know that software that I wrote is actually going out to the customer. I only have a few minor changes left to fix it
up, well I also have to get it working with Oracle instead of SQL, but it hopefully shouldn't be too hard.

Feeling ecstatic
* I will have to find the star for this later, as I am at work.

Monday, August 16, 2004
Well my dad is now home safe from his 4 week adventure up in B.C. He was canoeing with 3 other people. My mom and I headed to the airport to pick him up. It had been a while since I had been in the airport, a good couple of years. I think the last place I went on a plane was Florida for Chirstmas in first year. I am glad that he made it home safe.

I think I am going crazy. I had my first workout at the YMCA today, and I actually enjoyed it. It is fun to see how much weight I can handle working with. Last summer I started going to the gym, but had to stop because of medical issues. I am glad that I still have most of the strength left in my legs from last summer. I will have to work on my arms a lot though. I have my first meeting with my personal trainer tomorrow. It should be fun.

Sunday, August 15, 2004
Online Photo Albums
Now that I have a digital camera, I have been looking at different sites to make photo albums online. I have 3 different albums setup from my university graduations. So for the most part, the pictures are the same. I want to know which site you like the best, by easy of use etc.

Image Station

Photo Access


Feeling creative

Saturday, August 14, 2004
BBQ for Gwen
Tonight we went over to Gwen's house, as they were having a bbq for her before she goes off to university. It was a great time. We got to sit and chat, and I got to meet a bunch of new people. Well I wish Gwen much luck with university, as she leaves on Sunday to head up to Ottawa to start training for Rugby.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Family Fun
Last night we went over to my uncle's house, my mom's brother. My other uncle was suppose to be there too, but he never showed up. So it was my mom, my brother, my uncle and his girlfriend (it was their house), J., and I. We had a bbq. The food was really good. It was great to see them again, and get caught up on how everyone is doing. My one cousin, his youngest daughter, still has not finished high school. She has 3 credits left to get her grade 12, and also she still has to do her 40 hours of community service. Apparently she doesn't care if she gets it or not, and the more they push her, the more she doesn't want to do it. Oh well, hopefully she will get her grade 12 soon. His oldest daughter is moving back to Toronto for school soon, she got her apartment for the beginning of August, so will be moving in soon.

Feeling happy

Tuesday, August 10, 2004
Dentist = Pain
So I went to the dentist for the first time in 3 years today, and it wasn't actually too bad. I actually have a new dentist, my last one was good, and this guy seems just as good. The nurse was a lot better than the last one I had. I don't really know why, she just was. I have been having a pain in my upper jaw for a couple of days now, and decided that I should go and have it looked at, even if it turned out to be nothing. It is really nice to have my teeth professionally cleaned again, even though my mouth hurts even more. The nurse mentioned that I might be grinding my teeth at night, which might be causing the pain.

It turns out that I actually do have a wisdom tooth, maybe 2. I don't have any on the bottom, which is good, cause I have no room at all for them. We saw the one on my right side, but didn't quite get high enough to check the one on the left. So now I have to go to an oral surgeon to get them checked out. He will let me know if they have to come out or not. Looking at the x-ray, it looks fine back there, that there is enough room for it to poke through.

Also, they think I might have a small cavity in one of my front teeth. They took another x-ray on the tooth, and will call me if there actually is one.

Well I found my T3s from my surgery on my neck, but I don't know if I want to use them for the pain or not. The pain isn't really the problem, it is more the nausea I am getting from the pain.

Feeling a little achy and sick

Monday, August 09, 2004
Great end to my weekend
Saturday afternoon J. came over to see me. Really we don't get to see each other as much as I would like, but I think it will get better. This past week I was quite busy and he had two exams, so that doesn't leave much time.

We went to Portly Penguin for dinner, it was nice just the two of us. We watched tv till I fell asleep on the couch, which happens more than it should. Then we headed to bed. Sunday was your typical day with the two of us... I think we got up around 3pm, it was great. We had some dinner, then snuggled while playing game cube. J. had to leave early, because he had to go and see his student. Her exam is on Tuesday, I hope she does well.

Well I have decided that I am going to better myself, well on the outside, so it matches the inside. I have started using the Pure Zone stuff, and it works wonders. I don't think my skin has ever looked this good. I have also worked out a schedule for the gym, well more or less. I really would like to write it all down to make sure it works.

Feeling sore, as my teeth are still bothering me

Saturday, August 07, 2004
Great Start to my Weekend
So my mom and her friend Linda headed up to Ottawa for the weekend, to take Gwen's, Linda's daughter, stuff up. Gwen will be heading to University of Ottawa in the fall. Well Gwen's Dad and sister were also away for the evening last night, so Gwen came over here. She worked till 5, so I headed downtown after work to pick her up. We went shopping at this really amazing second hand store. I got two shirts for $14.50. They are great, one is light and dark pink stripes, and the other is black with pink writing on it. I decided that I need to get more colour in my wardrobe, so I stayed away from blue items. Gwen got this really hot shirt that she can wear to the bars next year. Yeah, I know, I'm a good influence.
By this time it was about 7pm. We headed to Swiss Chalet for dinner, cause my brother was working. He was actually really sweet to us. He was done doing tables when we got there, but decided that he would serve us anyway.
After that it was about 8pm, and we still had to hit the mall before it closed at 9pm. We raced over there, and both got strapless bras which was what we needed. I got the cutest mint tin. It is really small and fits on a key chain, so I don't have to worry about them fitting in my purse anymore. Then we got a new camera battery for Gwen's camera, and went to Shoppers and Gwen helped me pick out some stuff for my face. It is starting to break out more, and I don't like it. So she told me that she uses the Pure Zone 3 step program. I used it last night and this morning, and can already see a difference.
We then headed back to Gwen's house to pick up stuff for last night and today. We watched 13 going on 30. Which I bought on Thursday, and watched with my mom already. It is such a cute movie!!
This morning we got up and headed to the Farmer's Market. They sell these really cool bags that are made out of old drinking boxes. I am considering getting one.
When I was dropping her off at work, the real estate agent called and asked if he could see the house, which ment that I had to leave for a while. It was ok, because I was already out. So I headed over to the store my grandparents work at, just to visit them. I spent over an hour looking there, and ended up with a new pair of shoes and a new bag. The stuff there is used, so it only cost me $5 for both.
When I got home, I noticed that my brother had been home. He must have had a short nap too, cause his bed wasn't as nicely made as when I left, and there are 3 glasses sitting out. Oh well. Good thing my mom wasn't home to see that.

What a great weekend, so far, I feel like singing

Friday, August 06, 2004
Well last night I officially closed my Royal Bank account. The only reason
why I did this was because they were now going to charge me $6 a month to
have my account there, now that I'm not a student. I know this isn't bad,
but I have a PC account now, and it is free. YAY FREE

I definitly need to head to the gym... I have put on a few pounds from being
home, and it is starting to affect my stomach. I am really not feeling well
today from it, I hope it gets better, cause I am going out after work and I
don't have my pills with me. Also my mouth is still killing me today, this
sucks. I guess I will have to make an appointment next week to go into the
dentist to get it looked at.

Nexxis 1.1.2 is finally released. I have a few more things to finish up, but it has been officially released. I have never seen a program be released so fast from this department.

My dad's computer is almost back to normal. We had a slight run in, and I had to fix it. It has taken me 4 days to do it, because my parents don't have the software at home, it is all at the office. The only thing left to do is replace my dad's files, and figure out how to get the audio to work.

Tonight I went to Gwen's house to help her pick out a computer for her for university. She is so cute, she reminds me of me 4 years ago. She is so worried about going to university, but I know she will be fine. Her mom and my mom are heading up to Ottawa, which is where she will be going to school in the fall. They are taking most of her stuff up to her uncle's house. Her little sister and her dad are also heading up there tomorrow, so Gwen is coming over to my house for the night. I am picking her up after I am done work, from her work, and we are going to shop downtown for a bit. It has been quite some time since I have been shopping downtown. Then we plan on going to Swiss Chalet to visit my brother at his work. Then who knows what we are doing. Gwen will be heading up to Ottawa on Saturday, and hopefully J. can come over Saturday night.

I think I need to make an appointment for the dentist. I haven't gone in a good couple of years, and today my jaw has been throbbing so much. Since I don't have any wisdom teeth, I am a little worried that they might be coming in now.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004
Another good day
Tonight after work my mom and I headed to the mall. I wanted to get new runners, cause I will be getting a membership for the YMCA soon, and I don't have any good shoes to wear. I also dragged my mom around looking for a dress. I have two weddings to attend in the next two months, and I don't really have anything to wear. I bought this really cute black dress with flowers on it. If I get a digital camera soon, I will take a picture, and post it on here. It is quite sexy. I actually saved more than I spent... I got the dress for $20 from $60 and the shoes for $35 from $80. I love sales

Tonight sucked a little, the kids that live behind us, were burning rubber or something, and I am feeling quite "high" right now. It is not fun at all.

I have been working on my dad's computer all night, because Devin "fixed" it, which means that he really didn't do anything. I emailed him this morning to ask him for the CD's to fix my dad's computer, but he didn't give them to me, so my mom and I borrowed them. Turns out we grabbed the Upgrade version of Windows 2000. I think we have decided to put XP on my dad's computer, as it will be easier for him to use.

Anyway, I should get to bed soon as I am not feeling well and work starts early tomorrow.

Feeling blank

Tuesday, August 03, 2004
Great Weekend
This weekend was amazing, well for the most part. I was having a pretty crapy week, and I just wanted to spend some time with J.. So I went to see him on Friday, and ended up going to his parent's place for the weekend. It was so nice to fall asleep in J.'s arms again. We both woke up in the middle of the night to notice that J. had turned around in the bed, and his feet were where his head should have been. He even took the pillow with him. LOL In the morning, I didn't really want to mention anything, cause I wasn't sure if I was dreaming. It sure seemed like a dream. Saturday was nice and relaxing, I think we were out of bed by 3pm. It was so nice to sleep in, after getting about 4 hours of sleep a night last week. We just spent the day together doing nothing. Sunday, we were suppose to go to the beach with J.'s friends, but didn't end up making it to the beach till 2:30pm. There were a million people on the beach. It was such a beautiful day. We didn't end up finding anyone, so we sat on the peer for a while. J. got a little sun burnt, and I swear I look darker. It was another nice day. Monday was the best day though. We ended up going swimming in J.'s pool, cause we didn't go swimming at the beach. It was just so much fun playing in the pool. It was a great weekend, I realized how much I really feel for J..

Feeling after this weekend is loved

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